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1.Open Marriage (2017)
Released • January 14, 2017 • TV Movie / Thriller
A couple (Tilky Jones, Nikki Leigh) agree to an open relationship with their friends (Kelly Dowdle, Jason Tobias) but are ill-prepared for the jealousy, heartbreak and betrayal that soon follow.
 4.8/10 1080p2
2.A Christmas to Remember (2016)
Released • December 18, 2016 • Romance / TV Movie
A harsh TV personality, Jennifer (Sorvino), needs a break from her own life, so she hops into a car and drives to a small town mountain retreat. On her way there a blizzard veers off the road and...
 6.5/10 720p1
3.Sleigh Bells Ring (2016)
Released • December 18, 2016 • Romance / TV Movie
A busy single mother begins organizing her city's Christmas parade. While prop hunting, she finds a beautiful sleigh that seems to have a mind of its own, and it begins nudging her back to an old...
 6.2/10 720p1
4.My Christmas Love (2016)
Released • December 17, 2016 • Comedy / Romance / TV Movie
My Christmas Love is about a hopeless romantic who can’t ever seem to give a guy a real chance, that is until she starts receiving each of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ as gifts anonymously at her...
 6.5/10 720p1
5.Sound of Christmas (2016)
Released • December 11, 2016 • Drama / TV Movie
Lizzie, a young piano teacher, helps Brad's teenage daughter learn music. As she begins to break through to the girl, sparks begin to fly with Brad, but she is shocked to find out that he may want...
 6.6/10 720p1
6.Love You Like Christmas (2016)
Released • December 11, 2016 • Drama / Romance / TV Movie
A high-powered executive reconsiders her priorities when car trouble leads her to Christmas Valley, a town in love with Christmas.
 6.4/10 720p1
7.A Nutcracker Christmas (2016)
Post Production • December 10, 2016 • Drama / Family / Romance / TV Movie
Ballerina Lilly Jamison (Amy Ackler) is raising her sister's daughter (Sophia Lucia). Her niece turns out to be a ballet prodigy and is offered the lead in The Nutcracker. The director, Mark,...
 6.8/10 720p1
8.Holiday Joy (2016)
Released • December 8, 2016 • Comedy / TV Movie
A shy high school student's Christmas wish comes true only it isn't exactly as wonderful as she'd hoped.
 6/10 720p1
9.Maigret's Dead Man (2016)
Released • December 5, 2016 • Crime / Mystery / TV Movie / Thriller
Maigret plunges into the murky Parisian underworld.
 7.2/10 1080p19
10.Looks Like Christmas (2016)
Released • December 4, 2016 • Comedy / Romance / TV Movie
Two single parents battle for control of the Christmas holiday at the middle school their children attend and learn a lesson about the meaning of Christmas.
 5.9/10 720p1
11.Hearts of Christmas (2016)
Released • December 4, 2016 • Drama / TV Movie
When Alice (Lawrence), a beloved neonatal intensive care unit supervisor, is forced to take early retirement, her young colleague Jenny (Ullerup) decides to turn the upcoming staff Christmas party...
12.A Dream of Christmas (2016)
Released • December 3, 2016 • Drama / TV Movie
An angel grants a Christmas wish to an ambitious married woman, who finds out what her life would be like without her husband.
 6.5/10 720p1
13.I'll Be Home for Christmas (2016)
Released • November 27, 2016 • Drama / Family / TV Movie
Jackie Foster (Suvari), is a dynamic Assistant District Attorney and single mom. But when Jackie's estranged dad, Jack (Brolin), a gruff retired police officer, unexpectedly shows up at her door,...
 6.4/10 Std1
14.The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016)
Released • November 27, 2016 • Drama / TV Movie
A legal team must work together to figure out the mystery behind a rooftop Christmas tree to keep the owner from going to jail for Christmas -- again.
 5.7/10 720p1
15.Journey Back to Christmas (2016)
Released • November 27, 2016 • Drama / TV Movie
A nurse from World War II is transported through time to 2016.
 7.3/10 720p1
16.A Heavenly Christmas (2016)
Released • November 26, 2016 • Drama / Fantasy / TV Movie
Upon her untimely death, a workaholic who never put much value into the joys of Christmas finds herself recruited to be a Christmas Angel -- and is assigned a hard luck case that she accidentally...
 6.5/10 720p2
17.Christmas List (2016)
Released • November 25, 2016 • Comedy / Romance / TV Movie
Isobel Gray plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a snow-covered cottage in the Northwest, and a carefully composed bucket list of classic holiday traditions. But when the...
 6.2/10 720p2
18.Christmas in Homestead (2016)
Released • November 24, 2016 • Romance / TV Movie
Jessica (Cole) is one of the most famous actresses in the world, leading a glamorous – if tabloid worthy – life. But all that is thrown for a loop when she goes on location to shoot a holiday...
 6.4/10 720p2
19.Broadcasting Christmas (2016)
Released • November 23, 2016 • Drama / Romance / TV Movie
Two news broadcasters who previously were in love fight for a position as a morning talk show host that they both want. Ultimately finding what made them like each other so much in the first place.
 6.5/10 720p1
20.Operation Christmas (2016)
Released • November 20, 2016 • Drama / Romance / TV Movie
As her new romance blossoms, a single mother, Olivia (Helfer), is dismayed when her boyfriend, Scott (Marc Blucas), a military sergeant, is deployed right before Christmas. Determined to not let it...
 6.8/10 720p1